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This is Denise. Sheʼs 35 and works in account receivables in a big office. Denise use to be more active. She played sports, went to the gym, even use to jog after work... look at that! But, as time marched on- her healthier habits took a back seat to some more pressing matters at hand.

But the truth is: our habits, how much we sleep, what we do is responsible for nearly 50% of what ails us and accounts for 70% of all healthcare costs.

This affects our physical health and our mental health.

So whatʼs the solution? How do you change your unhealthy behaviors into healthy ones? Well, thatʼs kind of why youʼre watching this.

This might sounds hard to believe, but youʼre influenced by the people you work with. Itʼs true! Nearly half of your hours during a work week are spent with: John the IT guy, Kara the administrator, Marsha from communications, Patrick from HR. When you all work together towards a common goal, work related or not, some pretty remarkable things can happen.

Well, some smarty pants scientists at the Oregon Health and Science University recognized this connection and created a wellness program that utilizes the power coworkers working together as teams, called Healthy Team Healthy U.

And guess what, all-star? Youʼre our newest member. (Celebrating) Welcome to the team.

Hereʼs how it works... PEBB covers all of the costs on this. Signing up is free. Nothing Zilch. You do not pay anything.

And participating in Healthy Team Healthy U fulfills your two heath actions in the Health Engagement Model. So, when you complete your confidential Health Risk assessment and pick this program you automatically lower your deductible and get more money in your paycheck. Yes, you heard that correctly... iʼll leave that up there for just a second just so it sinks in.

You also get some cool stuff: you can receive a free sports pedometer to motivate and track your physical activity, plus, just for signing up Healthy Team Healthy U makes a donation to the Oregon Food Bank. So, you get to help others while you help yourself.

And then you and a few coworkers will form a team. For twelve weeks, you and your team meet up for lunch or during a break, whatever, I donʼt want to micromanage you. For 30 minutes each week youʼll teach each other how to live healthier, reduce stress, and feel better.

One member of your team will guide you through a session in the groups Team Leader Manual. And look at that! See, itʼs all scripted. So donʼt worry, youʼre going to have all the answers and explanations in front of you. Youʼre going to sound like a genious with this thing.

Everyone else participates in the activities and games in their very own Workbook and Wellness Guides. And all of these books are available for your laptop, smart phone, or tablet if you have one. Or if youʼre feeling old school, you can order a free hard copy.

And at the end of each session, youʼll be given a goal to reach at the following session. Now, you earn points by completing these goals and logging them on the Healthy Team Healthy U website. And the more points you earn, the more money going to Oregon Charities.

Get this: when everyone in your team completes a goal and lots it online, your points double. Boom! Thatʼs what we call team accountability. You and your team will track your progress online. You can send each other reminders and messages throughout the week to encourage and motivate one another.

If you feel like you want to do a little more, weʼve got you covered with strength training fitness videos for both home and gym workouts and a series of recipe videos to create healthy meals and snacks for anytime of the day. Before you know it, youʼre going to be a health food expert.

Woah, woah woah, no... no... there we go! I think tha tjust about covers everything, changing your behavior takes time, it takes effort. We know that. We also know that you can do it. Those that have gone through Healthy Team Healthy U have shown incredible improvements to their mental and physical healthy.

Remember, your team is counting on you. And through this proven health intervention, youʼll be making healthier decisions, getting rid of all those pesky health risks surrounding that sedentary life style in no time.

Ready or not, itʼs time to take some action! So sign up today, and get ready for the best twelve weeks ever!

Have Fun, Get Fit, & Crush Your Health Goals Together!

You can satisfy both your healthy actions today by signing up for Healthy Team Healthy U at no cost! HTHU's innovative program transforms your workplace into a highly motivated health conscious environment. Start today and get ready for the best 12 weeks ever!

Workbook & Wellness Guide

A digital sports pedometer

Healthy recipes & cooking videos

HTHU exercise video series

Satisfies two healthy actions

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WE SUPPORT OREGON CHARITIES - A charitable donation to the Oregon Food Bank is made by Healthy Team Healthy U when you sign up!